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Jefferson Theater 2012

ONe Man Two Govnors

Production Staff:

Director: Joe Link*

Associate Director: Lynn Jensen*

Associate Director: Bryan Schlotfelt*

Special Thank You

Thank you to our supportive parents, students, and Performing Arts staff for their hard work on this production

Thank you to the Giving Tree Theater and the Akers family for their constant support and dedication to the arts.


One Man, Two Guvnors

written by Richard Bean

December 7-9 at 7pm
Jefferson Little Theatre


Francis Henshall: Alex Nelson*

Dolly: Bre Kenney*

Stanley Stubbers: Spencer Sutton*

Rachel Crabbe: Emma Lassen*

Harry Dangle: Halas Wilson*

Alan Dangle: Mason Panosh*

Charlie Clench: Kyle Ennis*

Pauline Clench: Kenzie Varo*

Lloyd Boateng: Andrue Bowers

Alfie: Dan Kelley

Gareth: Jakob Bates*

Taxi Driver: Sarah Woerner

Police Officer: Daniel Daugherty

Nun: Juliet Bwayla

Mother: Hannah Mullinex


Stage Managers:
Caroline Winter*, Sophie Pionek*, Kate Reed*

Clara Heathman*, Chiara Affatigato*

Angelyn Harms*, Anika Reed*Luz Guerrero*, Avery Wesbrook, Maria Bruns

Cassie Shelley, Joe Bartels, Alex Olson*, Jolie Brown, Jacob Ledesma*, Jacob Reiling, Morgan Settlage, Jonathan Reinhert, Kameron Nezerka, Nathan Pearson, Eli Etten, Alicha Evens

Tracie Martinson*, Logan Hannen

Bre Kenney*, Kat Cummins

*Denotes membership in Thespian Troupe 561 and the International Thespian Society


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