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Lynn Jensen
Director of Theater

Joe Link
Director of Technical Theater

Bryan Schlotfelt
Associate Director of Theater



To reserve tickets for any of our theatrical performances, please call our ticket reservation number at 558-1423

First Tuesday of every month

Joining Cast & Crew

Performance Opportunities

Students interested in acting and other performing experiences such as dancing and improvisation have an opportunity to participate in five major productions during the school year.

Auditions for all productions are announced in the school announcements and on the callboard in the theater hallway. Audition materials are available from the director prior to tryouts.

Rehearsals usually begin five to seven weeks before the production.
The majority of rehearsals are held from 3:30 to 5:30 pm each afternoon with several evening practices from 6:00 to 10:00 pm. Students who are cast in a production are given a complete rehearsal
schedule and are required to attend all rehearsals and performances.

Participants must see Jefferson Activity requirements.Students must have passed 20 credit hours in previous term and be passing 20 hours in the current term.

Technical Opportunities

Students from all grade levels are encouraged to be involved in the many technical areas that are part of each production throughout the year. The scene shop is usually open daily after school and Saturdays. Shop hours are posted on the callboard in the theater hallway each week.

Students who wish to work on crews may attend any sessions for any length of time that is convenient for their schedules. There is no set number of required hours.

Crew heads are chosen by application. However, any student may be a part of most crews (lights and props have a limited number of selected crew members). Students who show up when a crew meets may acquire the Thespian hours/points and will be listed in the program as crew members.

No experience is necessary. Students will learn the basic of carpentry, painting, sewing, business skills, and other talents related to technical aspects of a production. Students with creative ideas and abilities will find opportunity to put them to use in the areas of publicity, make-up, costumes, lights, props, scenery construction and painting. More experienced students will help to supervise and instruct beginners in the fundamentals.

Educational Theater Association

The Theater Faculty are active members and leaders in their professional organization, the Educational Theater Association of the International Thespian Society. They hold leadership positions on the state and national levels.


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