Jefferson Theater
Jefferson Theater 2012


Lynn Jensen
Director of Theater

Joe Link
Director of Technical Theater

Bryan Schlotfelt
Associate Director of Theater


Performing Arts Calendar 2017-2018



To reserve tickets for any of our theatrical performances, please call our ticket reservation number at 558-1423

The International Thespian Society was founded in 1929 and is presently made up of more than 2,000 troupes in the United States and around the world. The Thespian organization attempts to broaden student’s interest in the theater by providing opportunities to attend state and international conferences, going to other high school, college, university, and community theater productions.Thespian Troupe 561 of Jefferson High School is open to all students who are interested in theater


Thespian Troupe 561 Officers for 2017-18

Bre Kenney, Kyle Ennis, Emma Lassen, and Tracie Martinson

First Tuesday of every month


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