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Participants in all of Jefferson's performing arts must meet Jefferson Activity Requirements. Students must have passed 20 credit hours in the previous term and be passing 20 hours in the current term.

Jefferson Vocal Ensembles

The goal of the Jefferson High School Vocal Music Department is to provide each student with a unique and valuable experience in the world of choral singing. The skills of following directions, rational thinking, responsibility, self‐improvement (both as a singer and as a person), group teamwork skills and high-end public performance are all taught, reinforced, and practiced on a daily basis. Ultimately, students are in choir because they have chosen to make choir a part of their educational experience at Jefferson High School. We think that this is a very important decision and will work very hard to bring each student the experience they are seeking. Here’s to a great year!!!

Any student grades 9-12 enrolled at Jefferson can sign up to be in choir. Auditions are held each spring for more advanced ensembles. Membership in any ensemble requires that certain guidelines be followed to allow for every student to achieve their maximum potential.