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 Jefferson Invitational

Jefferson Show Choir Invitational Results

2017 Final Results

Grand Champion: Cedar Rapids Kennedy "Happiness, Inc."

1st Runner-up: Dubuque Wahlert "Impact"

2nd Runner-up: DMS Roosevelt "Revelation"

3rd Runner-up: Greater Wichita Area "Flight"

4th Runner-up: Muscatine "River City Rhythm"

5th Runner-up: West Delaware "WD Forte"

Best Choreography: Cedar Rapids Kennedy "Happiness, Inc."

Best Vocals: Cedar Rapids Kennedy "Happiness, Inc."

2017 High School Daytime
Show Choir Results

Solo Competition

1st Place: Dubuque Wahlert - Abby Burns

2nd Place: Dubuque Wahlert - Eric Leigh

3rd Place: Dubuque Wahlert - Gwyneth McSperrin

People's Choice: Ottumwa "Sudden Impact"

Best Male Soloist: Cedar Rapids Kennedy - Lincoln Klopfenstein

Best Female Soloist: Ogden - Kennedy Hiles

Best Band:
Cedar Rapids Kennedy "Happiness, Inc."


Prep 1st Place:
Dubuque Wahlert "Impact"

Prep 2nd Place:
Muscatine "Encore!"

Class 1A

1st Place:
BGM "Dynamics"

2nd Place:
Keota "EagleRock!"

3rd Place:
HLV "Audacity"

Class 2A

1st Place:
Ogden "Bulldog Beat"

Class 3A

1st Place:
West Delaware "WD Forte"

2nd Place:
Williamsburg "Sound Attraction"

2017 High School Jazz Choir Results

Jazz Choir 1st Place:
CR Washington "Slice of Jazz"

Jazz Choir 2nd Place:
Center Point Urbana "The Chorazz"

Jazz Choir 3rd Place:
North Polk "Holy Buckets"

Jazz Choir 4th Place:
Center Point Urbana "To Be Announced"

Jazz Choir 5th Place:
Waterloo West "The Accidentals"

Jazz Choir 6th Place:
North Polk "Snazzy Jazzy"

2017 Middle School Show Choir Results

Middle School Show Choir Grand Champion:
Cedar Rapids Taft "Adrenaline"

Middle School Show Choir 1st Runner-Up:
Cedar Rapids McKinley "Classic Edition"

Middle School Show Choir 2nd Runner-Up:
Vernon "Velocity"

Middle School Show Choir 3rd Runner-Up:
Cedar Rapids Harding "Neo Classic"

Middle School Show Choir 4th Runner-Up:
Benton "Illusions"

People's Choice
Cedar Rapids Taft "Adrenaline"

Best Female Soloist:
Cedar Rapids Harding - Erica Schulte

Best Male Soloist:
Cedar Rapids McKinley - Ian Wolverton-Weiss

Congratulations to all performers!

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